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On this Web Site you can find the following items:

A Genealogical Research Project is underway since 1994 on; James C. (Clate or Claty) McLaughlin of Haywood County, NC. From ABT: 1907 to 12/4-5/1960. His last known place of residence was Red Bluff, CA. Viola Virginia Ledford of Greenville, SC. 2/21/1917 to 10/20/1966. Her last known place of residence was Rockford, IL and the Albaral family of White Castle, LA & Templet family of Piere Part, LA. The research is being done by the author of this page, please contact me at the e-mail address supplied at the bottom of this page... Wayne

Also, please browse through my poetry. I hope you enjoy them. Some have been published since my dear wife left me. I only wish I had listened to her sooner, maybe she could have have seen her dream come true.

I hope you enjoy the effort, time and emotions put into these works and I hope nothing in these works offends anyone, if offence is present, "I'm sorry..." Wayne H. McLaughlin

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