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My Promises, I'll Keep

I once gave my heart to the girl of my dreams.
She made life more precious and enriched all its themes.

Happiness came natural with her at my side.
She became my world, my heartbeat and pride.

She gave life meaning and many reasons to live.
I vowed that forever, my love I would give.

She was taken from me one cold autumn day.
The world that I knew turned a dark shade of gray.

I've tried, how I've tried to make a new start.
But the vows I once made have broken my heart.

In my heart is a void much larger than life.
Created by the loss of my dear, lovely wife.

This void I speak of I can't seem to fill.
Without my dear wife I just haven't the will.

My promises I'll keep till the end of time.
Someday in paradise, she'll again be mine.

© 1997 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9707051755-395

Published by Quill Books in:
"Promises To Keep Vol. IV", page 50
ISBN: 0-943536-51-0, ã 1998

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