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Take Away

Wherefore art thou, my love?
Come, bestow upon me your love and cheer,
that I no longer suffer this despair.

Take away this agony which burdens my heart, mind and soul.
Take away my sight that your face I can not see.
Take away my ears that your voice I can not hear.
Take away my speech that your name I can not cry.


Take away my mind that I no longer think of you.
Lest, my heart, mind and soul will continue to suffer this misery.
Hence, I shall greet death with a vision of you before my eyes.
A melody of your sweet voice in my ears.
And I will call your name relentlessly without reward.

How I love and miss you no words can ever tell.

© 1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9305010145-172

Published by: Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum in
"Poetic Voices Of America Summer 1997", page 120
ISBN: 0-923242-53-8, Cat. Card # 90-640795 ã 1997

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