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Princess of the Water

Today my world has changed and taken a new path.
God granted me His mercy by lifting His wrath.

I was given a new beginning when He handed me the key,
To His kingdom in heaven as He answered my plea.

I told Him I was frightened of this dark world below.
Then I ask for His mercy and the answer you know.

The waters pushed and pulled me through the storm drains in town.
I prayed for God to save me and not to let me drown.

God told me He loved me and stayed right by my side.
He held my hand so tenderly while He lowered the tide.

I know God has blessed me by not making me a martyr.
I think He'll let me play the "Princess Of The Water."

1991 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9103101530-110

Dedicated to:
Miss Latricia Reese of Houston, Texas.
For the bravery she displayed during the tropical storm "ALLISON " on June 26th, 1989.

She was only seven years old.
Sent to Reader's Digest for forwarding.
No word if the family received it.

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