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Our Silver Anniversary

On this day we celebrate, our past twenty-five years.
Family, friends and acquaintances are rejoicing with cheers.

As the world about us changes and the years keep rolling by
You remain the one I love and the apple of my eye.

I love to hold you near, under skies of any hue.
Stars still gleam in your eyes, when I say, "I Love You."

I love the way you cling to me, whenever we're alone.
The sweet things you whisper, excite me to the bone.

Underneath a moon-lit sky with stars bright and new.
I pledge to you my life and a love forever true.

Words can not describe this love I have for you.
With each new year that passes, our love begins anew.

So on this day we celebrate our silver anniversary.
I look forward to our golden and then life in eternity.


1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9110192358-131

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