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Love is a Magic Thing

Love can light the darkest night or darken a beautiful day.

Love brings out the beauty in women and the animal in men.

Love can be sweet and beautiful or painful and sad.

Love can make the broken hearted cheerful or break the hearts of those full of cheer.

Love can make clowns appear sane or the sane appear as clowns.

Love can make the strong weak or make the weak strong.

Love can make enemies of friends or make friends of enemies.

Love can give birth to life or bring to man his demise.

Love can be written on paper in words or written with feeling in the heart.

Love can bare the toll of time or collect it's toll in time.

Love is a magic thing.

It can do all these things with grace and poise or suddenly and without detection.
Still, it remains the one thing there is too little of.

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