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There is one single word that to life means so much.
And it fills my heart each time we touch.

This word which inspires all of mankind,
Makes life more precious and is hard to find.

The word is simple but the power is great.
It can guide your steps and decide your fate.

We must cherish this word like diamonds and gold.
It is always needed especially when old.

This word I describe is my gift to you.
It is all that I have but is vast and true.

It was given to me by the Lord above.
Now it is yours, the word is LOVE.

© 1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9002031830-037
Published by: The International Library of Poetry
Published in: "Dreams and Fantasies" ISBN: 0-7951-5062-8
Also published on CD by the International Library of Poetry as a Publishers Choice by a professional reader.
CD title: "The Sound of Poetry"
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