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Lights Along the Road of Life

Lights along the road of life, shine very bright and clear.
While young and energetic, the heart knows not fear.

As children we are playful and life is filled with fun.
We believe in our minds, it continues till life is done.

The day that one gets married, fills life with happiness.
And when a child is born, the joy of life is blessed.

Life's clock continues ticking, more rapid with each new day.
And though we feel invincible, life begins to fade away.

Somewhere along the road, life's end draws very near.
One can't help remembering, the good times and cheer.

Before life is over, before we say good-by,
We thank those we love and ask them not to cry.

Life has been so beautiful, so filled with joy and love.
We now pray for guidance to God's kingdom above.

1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9210132350-142

Written the day Diann entered East Jefferson General Hospital.

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