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Just Ask Us the Way

Someday soon you'll wonder where your youth has gone.
It's just around the corner, so you really must hang on.

Leave all your childish things put away upstairs.
You're just about to gain a whole new set of cares.

The boys you once fought with will now light up your eyes.
And some things they tell you will surely make you cry.

No longer will you want mom and dad by your side.
You'll go out on your own and do things you've never tried.

Mom and dad will not be there when you awaken in the night.
We won't be there to hold you and drive away your fright.

Keep us in your memories and think of us each day.
And if your path needs guiding, just ask us the way.

© 1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 8702090000-021

Dedicated to: Tammy Ann McLaughlin-Holt

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All Rights Reserved
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