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Frozen in Time

I arose at dawn, to face the day.
Though my body was broken, I went my way.

I toiled like a slave till the setting sun.
Then free I was to have some fun.

I stopped at a bar for a mug of beer.
But the mood is ruined by a ring of fear.

A report rang out from across the room.
A young man was struck and sent to his doom.

I knew I should leave or face the man.
I backed to the wall and made a stand.

The time rolled by, but I could not tell.
There before me is where he fell.

Then it was calm but I had to remain.
Frozen in time, my heart full of pain.

My mind was racing, as I made this stand.
My son was the body of that very young man.

1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9311050305-261

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