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Butterflies, Lace and Angel Wings

Butterflies, lace and angel wings.
These were part of her life and were her favorite things.

It is hard to accept that she is no longer here.
I miss her sweet love, her joy and cheer.

She was my world, my sunshine and rain.
Since her good-by, life is filled with pain.

In each place I look, I see her face.
Then remember things like butterflies and lace.

My life is empty with her not at my side.
Each day that passes, I take one less stride.

I pray for an end, to this numbness I feel.
This existence I'm living, just can not be real.

Soon I'll discover what eternity brings.
I pray I will see her with her angel wings.

© 1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 9301181935-157

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