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A Note from Mom and Dad

Mom and dad will be, by your side right or wrong.
As you begin your new life, we ask that you be strong.

Keep within your heart the good things in your past.
May your life be easy and not move too fast.

Think of the love that we have for you.
Should you need us, we'll be there it's true.

Take one step at a time, along the path you must take.
We pray you are happy with the new life you make.

Giving of yourself, will enlighten your heart.
Remain as sweet and loving as the day of your start.

For mistakes that we made, we ask that you forgive,
And know we will love you, as long as we live.

© 1996 Wayne H. McLaughlin 8702120000-006

Dedicated to: Tammy Ann McLaughlin-Holt

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